Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dreamer's Poetry

So Mike Dreams just released his first full album since getting some 2dopeboyz love. And in his honor, I will pause that last statement. I don't know if we're #offthat yet, but you can ask him on Twitter. It's all good.

My favorite track might be the intro. It's legit prolly the best beat I've heard so far in this early year and Mike effortlessly runs throughout the entire track setting the atmosphere for the rest of the songs following. He's definitely got a knack for kicking off metaphor after metaphor referencing any and everything to fill out each verse. And though these aren't the big name producers you'll see on everyone else's projects, Mike definitely has an ear for quality beats throughout. His singer features are really nice highlights and the entire collective project feels like it should. Like an album. Funny how that works when you put the time in like he did and developed out this LP. If you're cool with a break from gutter hip hop and don't mind being uplifted for 17 tracks, then this is the early 2010 album you need to pick up.

Mike Dreams-
Dreamer's Poetry [Purchase link]

1. The Dreamer (Intro)
2. Success Is ...
3. The Greatest Never Heard
4. We Goin' Worldwide (feat. Christina Fisher)
5. Gettin' Ours
6. I Go Crazy
7. Feelin' Out This World (feat. Christina Fisher)
8. Start Over Again (feat. Oli)
9. We'll Be Alright (feat. Ashley DuBose)
10. DreamGurl (feat. Oli)
11. Weekend Jam
12. Highway
13. Heaven's One Step Away (feat. Garey Hannah, Sr.)
14. Never Forget
15. Flight Dream Melody (feat. Margeaux Davis)
16. Hip Hop Anthem (Hello World)
17. Stay Forever (Outro)

... but do take my word for it.


  1. Alright stuff. Feeling "I Go Crazy" and that sample.

  2. at beat u said is pree tight ima listen to the rest of it

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